About Advika

About the Clothing Line
Advika is an ethical and environmentally conscious clothing line, combining comfort with a feminine earthy style. Advika emphasizes the practice of using local production methods and the use of Eco textiles.
Jamie at work in her studio. Photography: April-Anna

Why Advika is "green"?
Advika Is an ethical and environmentally conscious clothing line. In order to create a truly Eco garment, designer Jamie Brock practices local production methods using a variety of Eco textiles, (organic cotton, soy, and bamboo). Any leftover textile scraps are then recycled to create new creative Advika accessories. From designing to sewing, Advika Clothing is created in Montreal, Canada.

Photography: April-Anna

 About the Designer  
Jamie Brock is the vibrant force behind Advika Clothing. Jamie was born & raised on the east coast of Canada, currently residing in Montreal, Quebec. Jamie's inspiration to create Advika Clothing in 2008, stemmed from her decision to live a healthy, and organic lifestyle. Advika Clothing was a response to Jamie's own frustration at trying to find easily accessable organic clothing that is both stylish, & sustainable.
Jamie & husband, July 2010

Until recently, organic natural fibres were not abundantly available. If they were, it was usually hemp and not stylish. I could never find clothes I liked and I never felt right buying synthetic petroleum based clothing, or supporting companies using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So finally I stopped searching and started to create it. Luckily mom taught me a thing or two about sewing.” (quote: Jamie Brock)
At work in the studio. Autumn 2010. Photography: April-Anna
With the exception of manufacturing the fabrics, every part of the clothing making process is done by hand out of the Advika Clothing studio in Montreal. “I mainly work with organic cotton, hemp & soy blends. Cotton & hemp don't require chemical fertilizers, and soy husks are a biproduct of the food industry.” As a result, Advika Clothing is an ethical & ecological company based out of Montreal, Quebec, which seeks to lead by example.

At work in the studio. Autumn 2010. Photography: April-Anna
Advika Clothing is suitable for women leading active & diverse lifestyles. By combining comfort & versatility with style, Advika Clothing is always one step ahead of current trends with a fresh look that can be dressed up or dressed down. Jamie creates imaginative collections with a timelessness that will further alter the way we see the fashion industry today.